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You know, I recently looked through just about all of the stories on this site. And I was shocked at the amount of Fem!Kirito stories. I found one. One for the person who looks so much like a girl through just about the whole series.

So, I decided to write one of my own. Just about all of it was from the Lite Novel, starting pretty far into Chapter three of volume one (which I don't own). But there are a few things added, such as Kirito's gender and her real name. Kurain also mockingly changed her display name!

Anyway, if you must know, everything leading up to this part in the novel is pretty much unchanged, except for one thing that is in this chapter that is hopefully seen, which won't seen or heard again until near the end of the SAO arc.

Yes, this story will be going through all of the series.

And the paring is still Kirito and Asuna, but it's not yuri! Asuna is a male in this, as SAO is the only anime/novel/manga that I actually like the pairing to.

I do not own Sword Art Online, nor the idea of making Kirito a girl. I simply own a copy of Microsoft Office and a computer, and hopefully a copy of Sword Art Online, ALfheim Online, and Gun Gale Online when they are made in about nine-eleven years from now. Sword Art Online is Copyrighted by Reki Kawahara, and the idea of Fem!Kirito belongs to the fan base. There, happy people who are complaining about my lack of a disclaimer?

-Kirito's First Person-

『In your inventories there will be a gift from me. Please, confirm this…』

As soon as I heard this, I pressed my index and my thumb together, and pulled downwards. All the players did likewise, and the plaza was filled with the ringing sound of bells.

I pressed the 'Item' button on the menu that appeared and the item was there, at the top of my belongings list.

The name of the item – «Hand Mirror»

Why did he give it to us? Even as I wondered, I tapped on the name and pressed the 'Make into Object' button. Immediately, there was a tinkling sound effect and a small, rectangular mirror appeared. Whoa, did my avatar's face really look that… masculine?

I grabbed it hesitantly but nothing happened. All that it showed was the face of the avatar that I had gone through a lot of trouble to create.

I cocked my head and looked at Kurain, the newbie that I had ran into earlier today when I entered the virtual reality. The samurai was also looking at the mirror in his hand with a blank expression.


Suddenly Kurain and the avatars around us were engulfed in white light. As soon as I took this in, I was surrounded too and all I could see was white.

Almost 2, 3 seconds later, the surroundings reappeared just as they had been…


The face in front of me wasn't the one I'd gotten used to.

The armor made of metal plates laced together, the bandanna, and the spiky red hair were all the same. But the face had changed into another shape altogether. His long, sharp eyes had become sunken and shone brighter. His delicate high nose had become hooked, and a slight beard appeared on his cheeks and chin. If the avatar had been a young and carefree samurai, this one was a fallen warrior—or maybe a bandit.

I forgot the situation for a moment and muttered. "Who… who are you?"

Suddenly my mouth snapped shut. My voice, my voice had become softer, less rough. It had also heightened a few pitches. If the avatars had changed into their true appearance than… no. No!

"Hey… who're you?" the man in front of me had asked, probably wondering why the male in front of him had changed so much, at least, if my theory was correct.

I was gripped by a sudden sense of foreboding and realized what Kayaba's present, the «Hand Mirror», meant.

I raised the mirror in a rush, and my heart sank in fear at the face that stared back at me.

My rather long and neat black hair, on reaching about the middle of my neck, and my bangs reaching the same area, parted to the right had changed. Instead of barely reaching the middle of my neck, my hair flowed smoothly down my back, stopping at my waist, my bangs falling past my shoulders on both sides to about my chest.

My formerly rugged and sharp face had smoothed, showing no trace of masculinity, more feminine than Kurain was used to. My lips became full and crimson, along with my skin becoming softer. My formerly narrow black eyes had widened slightly, being fringed by long eyelashes.

The calm face of a warrior that «Kirito» had even a few seconds ago was no longer there. The face that was in the mirror was the face I had tried so hard to escape from in this world. The face of Kirigaya Kazuta, the ridiculous name my parents had given me, simply changing the figure used in the name they were gonna' use, as they that I was to be born a boy, 'to', to the common figure for female names in Japan; 'ta'. Thus I had gone from Kirigaya Kazuto to Kirigaya Kazuta.

"Ah… it's me," I had spoken, inwardly flinching at how soft my voice was. I had gotten so used to the more rough voice of Kirito in SAO that I had grown to depend on it. It allowed me to escape the life I had lived, being looked down on because of how frail I had looked, and my gender.

Kurain, who had been staring at his mirror, fell backwards. We both looked at each other,, and simultaneously shouted.

"You're Kurain!"

"You're Kirito!"

His voice had changed too, but I didn't have time to spare on things like that.

The mirrors fell from our hands and hit the ground. They were destroyed with a soft, smashing sound.

When I looked around again, the crowd was no longer filled with people who looked like characters from a fantasy game. A bunch of normal looking young people had now taken their place. It was like something you'd see if you gathered a bunch of people in real life at a game show venue and dressed them up in armor. Distressingly, even the sex ratio had changed greatly.

How on Earth was this possible? Kurain and I, and most likely all of the players around us, had changed from the avatars that we'd created from nothing to our real selves. Of course, the texture itself still seemed like a polygon model, and it felt slightly changed, but it was almost frighteningly accurate. It was as if the gear had a full body scanner on it.


"…Ah, right!"

I looked at Kurain and forced the words out.

"There are high density signal sensors in the Nerve Gear covering our whole head. So it can tell not only how our brains look, but our faces too."

"B-But how can it know what our bodies look like… Like how tall we are?" he asked, stuttering at the beginning. Probably still shocked at how the Beta Tester who helped him out earlier today was actually a girl.

The average height of the players, who were now looking at their own and others' faces with various expressions on their faces, had been noticeably reduced after the «change». I, and most probably Kurain too, had set the height to equal that of our own heights in the real world to prevent extra height from hindering our movements. Of course, I had to increase mine slightly so I could pass off as a guy.

But most players seemed to have made themselves taller by about ten to twenty centimeters (roughly 4-8 inches).

That wasn't all. The actual build and girth of the players had become larger too, all but mine, who had all but shrunk in every area but chest, which increased much to my embarrassment. My younger sister had always been jealous that I had a slightly bigger… assets than her's and my adoptive mother's (her actual mother, I'll explain later). I probably got my chest size from my biological mother.

Either way, there was no way the Nerve Gear would have been able to know all of this.

Kurain, shockingly enough, answered my internal question.

"Ah, wait. I bought the Nerve Gear just yesterday, so I remember. There was a part of the set-up… what was it called, calibration? Well anyway, during that bit you touched your body here and there, maybe it was that?" he suggested, blushing at most likely the thought of the girl in front of him, naked, touching herself here and there with that piece of machinery.

"Ah… right. That's what it was."

Calibration was where the Nerve Gear measured «how much you had to move your hand to reach your body». This was done to reproduce the sense of kinetic accurately within the game. So to say, it was almost as if the Nerve Gear had data of our exact body shapes saved inside itself.

It was also a process I did not want to go through ever again. I would be sticking with my Nerve Gear until I found a way of copying the body data over to the next upgrade (1).

It was possible, making all the avatars of the players an almost perfect polygon replica of themselves. The purpose of this was almost too clear now.

"…Reality," I muttered, drawing Kurain's attention to me. "He said that this was reality. That this polygon avatar… and our HP was our real body and our real life. In order to make us believe this, he's produced a perfect copy of us… daddy is so smart."

"But… But y'know K-Kirito," he started stuttering over my name as he did. What would my display name be now? Would it still be Kirito? Or would it have changed to Kirita?

"Why!?" he continued, raising his voice so that Kayaba would hopefully hear us. "Why the hell's he doing something like this!?"

I didn't answer that and pointed passed our heads.

"Wait a minute," I said irritably. Honestly, I was not in the mood for this right now. "Most probably, he'll answer that in a bit anyway."

Kayaba didn't let me down. A few seconds later a voice, sounding almost solemn, sounded from the blood red sky.

『You will all most probably be wondering, "Why." Why am I —the creator of both the Nerve Gear and SAO, Kayaba Akihiko— doing something like this? Is this a sort of terrorist attack? Is he doing this to ransom us?』

It was then that Kayaba's voice, which had been emotionless up to now, seemed to show some signs of emotion. Suddenly the word empathy passed through my mind, even though there was no way that would be true.

『None of these is the reason I am doing this. Not only that, but now for me, there is no longer a reason or a purpose in doing this. The reason is because… the situation itself was my purpose in doing this. To create and watch this world is the only reason I have created the Nerve Gear and SAO. And now, everything has been realized.』

Wow. Could anybody say 'God Complex'?

Then, after a short break, Kayaba's voice, now emotionless again, spoke.

『…Now, I have finished the official tutorial for «Sōdo Āto Onrain». Players— I wish you luck.』

The last sentence trailed off with a faint echo.

The huge robe rose soundlessly and started sinking, hood first, into the system message that covered the sky, as if melting.

Its shoulders, then its chest, then its two arms and legs merged with the red surface, and then a final red stain spread briefly. Right afterword, the system message that had covered the sky disappeared as suddenly as it appeared.

The sound of the wind blowing above the plaza and the BGM that the NPC orchestra was playing came softly to our ears.

The game had returned to its normal stated, apart from the fact that a couple of rules had been changed.

Then— at last.

The crowd of ten thousand players gave a proper reaction.

In other words, countless voices started resounding loudly through the plaza.

"It's a joke right…? The hell is this? It's a joke right!?"

"Stop kidding around! Let me out! Let me out of here!"

"No! You can't! I've got to meet someone soon!"

"I don't like this! I'm gonna' go home! I want to go home!"

Yells. Clamors. Shouts. Curses. Begging. Screaming.

Then, as soon as the plaza had quieted down bit, Kurain yelled out the question I had been dreading.

"You're really a girl!?"

He had yelled it so loud, my eardrums had nearly died. And it wouldn't surprise me if almost half of the plaza heard.

But in the midst of all of this noise (which thankfully blocked out Kurain's exclamation), my mind had become strangely cool again.

This… is reality.

What Kayaba Akihiko had declared was true. If that was the case, this was all to be expected. It'd be strange not to expect it. This genius was one side of Kayaba that made him alluringly attractive.

Now I can't return to reality for a while—maybe a few months or maybe more than that. During this time, I can't see my mother or sister nor talk to them. It was possible I could never get the chance. If I died here—

I died in reality.

The Nerve Gear, once a game machine, is a lock to this prison and a tool of detah that will fry my brain.

I breathed slowly in, then out, and opened my mouth.

"Kurain, come over here for a sec," I said, ignoring his question.

I grabbed the warrior's arm, who seemed much older than me in real life, and made my way through the raving crowd, accidentally knocking a guy down.

The guy had orange-brownish chestnut hair that looked almost exactly like Kirito's, at least, before Kayaba changed everyone's avatars to their real bodies (2).

I… unfortunately didn't get the chance to apologize to the guy. I was determined to get out of that crowd fast.

Once we had made it out of the crowd, we entered one of the many streets that led out of the plaza in a radial pattern, and I jumped into the shadow behind an unmoving carriage.

"Kurain," I called his name again.

He still had a somewhat blank expression on his face. I continued talking, trying my best to sound serious.

"Listen to me. I'm going to get out of this city and head over to the next village. Come with me."

His eyes opened wide under his bandanna and he blushed slightly. I kept talking in a low voice, forcing the words out.

"If what he said was true, in order to survive in this world we have to strengthen ourselves," I said, hoping to convince him.

It wasn't working well.

"You know that MMORPGs are a battle for recourses between the players, right? Only the people who can acquire the most money and experience can get stronger…. The people who've realized this are going to hunt all the monsters around the «Starting City». You'll have to wait forever for the monsters to respawn. Going to the next village right now would be better. I know the way and all the dangerous spots, even if I'm level one."

Considering that it was me, that was quite a long speech. But despite that, he remained silent.

Then a few seconds later, his face scrunched up.

"But… But y'know. I said before that I stood in line for ages with my friends to buy this game. They would have logged in and most likely they'd be in the plaza even now. I can't… go without them."

He said this all looking down at me with pleading eyes.

I knew what he was asking. Kurain was bright and easy to get along with, and he most probably to care of other people pretty well.

But I just couldn't nod.

If it was just Kurain, I could get to the next village while protecting us against aggressive monsters. But if there was two more —no even one more person coming along— it would be dangerous.

If somebody died along the way, they'd die as Kayaba announced.

The responsibility would undoubtedly fall on me, who suggested setting out from the safe «Starting City» and failed to protect my comrade.

To bear such a heavy burden, I just couldn't do that. It was just simply impossible.

The red-head seemed to read all of the emotions that flashed through my mind and smiled sympathetically at me.

"No... I can't keep relying on you. I was a guild master in the game I used to play. It'll be fine. I'll just make do with the techniques that you've taught me till now. And... there's still a chance that this was just a bad joke and that we'll all be logged off. So don't worry about us and go to the village."


With my mouth closed, I was wracked by an indecision that I'd never felt before in my life.

Then, I spoke the words that would gnaw at me for two years.

"…Okay," I nodded, stepped back, and said with my dry throat.

"Well, let's part here. If anything comes up, send me a message... Well, see you later Kurain."

Kurain called me as I turned my eyes downwards and turned to leave.

"Kirito-No. Kirita!"

My steel-grey twitched. He obviously changed the 'to' to 'ta' just to tease me.

I sent him an annoyed and a questioning glance, but he didn't say anything. His cheek only trembled a little.

I waved once and turned northwest, the direction of the village that I'd use as my next base.

When I had taken about five steps, a voice called out from behind me again.

"Hey Kirita! You look pretty good in real life! You're quite my style!"

I blushed and smiled bitterly, and shouted over my shoulder.

"Your look suits you ten times better too!"

Then I turned my back on the first friend that I had made in this world and relentlessly ran forward.

After I had run through the winding alleyways for a few minutes, I looked back again. Of course, there was nobody there.

I ignored the odd feeling of my chest being constricted and tears prickling in my eyes, and ran.

I ran desperately to the northwest gate of the Starting City and then past the large plains and the deep forest, then a small village located past all of this—then past that to an endless, lonely game of survival.

Y'know. Since that day, I had always wondered what would have happened had I joined Kurain and his friends in a guild. I guess I'll never know.

Oh, how much I wish I could change the past. There is so much I'd do, and so much I wouldn't do.


God damn my wrist hurts! It might only be a few thousand words, but that doesn't change the fact that I wrote it all in the span of two hours. Anyway, what did ya' guys think? I honestly wanted to work on some of my other stories, but this one popped into my head just a few hours ago, and I couldn't say no to myself to writing it!

1.) This is referencing the upgrade seen in the second arc of the anime (and I believe the light novel and manga), that was made to support Aruvuheimu Onrain.

2.) Male!Asuna, which I haven't come up with a name for yet. If you want to know his appearance (not including clothing), than just think of Kirito' avatar in Sōdo Āto Onrain before Kayaba changed them all, but with chestnut brown hair and hazel eyes.

I will be focusing on this story for a while, as I really enjoy this idea. My other stories will be put onto hiatus for a while, sorry guys.
Re-uploaded version of my Sword Art Online fiction; 'Kirita: The Kuroi Kenshi'. The statement of 'all the stories on this site' was made when I was writing it for I was too lazy to change it.
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